Skyking Aerial Photography was started in 2004 by Professional Photographer and Commercial Pilot, Michael Martino. Flying and photography has been a skillset of mine for the past thirty years. Michael Martino ia a member of the Professinal Aerial Photographers Association International. We have provided the Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana region with the finest quality aerial photographs available. We use the latest digital equipment with very high-resolution. We also use gyro-stabilizers for most shoots. The end result being the sharpest aerial photo available. We use mulitple flying platforms. An airplane is used for aerial photographs taken up to 10,000 ft. We can not go below 1000 ft with the airplane due to the FAA regulations. The aircraft has a large window that we open in flight so we are not shooting through any glass that will cause distortion. If an aerial photo below 1000 ft is requested, we will use a helicopter. In most cases there is no altitude restrictions with this platform. We fly the chopper with the doors off so we are not shooting through glass. All these factors delivers the best quality photographs around. If you have any questions or like a quote, please feel free to give us a call at (502) 425-1559